Food Poisoning

So, I’m 99% sure I got food poisoning on Saturday night. I know I ate an egg roll that was sitting out all night. And I think I had a shrimp late in the night too. So I only have myself to blame. Who knew you could get so violently sick for 24 hours from eating bacteria-laced food? Now I know. I’m not eating from any more salad bars in NYC, that’s for sure.

The bonus for me (and Jaynee, who also got a mild case of food poisoning, I think.) is that we both lost a few pounds because of the illness.

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  1. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I managed to drink one glass of water the entire day I was sick. That was all I had. No food at all, nothing else. It was terrible. Jaynee wanted me to drink seltzer but the bubbles would have destroyed me.

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