Food Delivered

I forgot to tell everyone that Denis delivered the 62 cans of pet food to the shelter last week since they had limited hours. He didn’t take pictures, but he did mention that he would like to get another cat to add to our menagerie. I immediately went online and found a red kitty they have listed. However, we are still in discussion over whether we really want to do it.

My family was horrified at the thought of us adding another cat, but our opinion is: once you have four cats, is one more really that bad? I’m a crazy cat lady, sure, but I’m not a krazy kat lady like those women that have 82 cats of various health wandering through their house unchecked.

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  1. I think four cats is ample …. I DO REALLY. Especially if you include one dog, two adults, two kid’s with maybe another one added in a year or so.

    Five really does make you one of those “Krazy-Kat-Ladyz”

  2. I agree with MB… Why on earth would you want yet another cat. :wide-eyed: You know, those “Krazy Kat Ladies” have to start someone… I bet back in the day they too only had 4 cats and said “whats one more?”

    Good Luck to ya.

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