Foiled Again

A few of us were going to go out to dinner tonight but we’ve been pre-empted by a horrible stomach virus which has attacked Ace, Anthony and Jenn. They’ve all been felled, and so we’ll attempt to have dinner together tomorrow night instead.

So Dutch Anne is meeting me at my office in 30 minutes and then we’ll head to Jersey for the night. Denis stays in NYC for a couple hours, enjoying his company’s attempt at festive holiday cheer.

I talked with Mare-Bear briefly about the upcoming NYC transit strike and she informed me that since she lives in Queens she won’t be able to come into work since BOTH the subway and the buses will be unavailable. She would drive, but doesn’t know 3 other people that work in the city near her that would need a lift.

I’m so jealous. I’m in NJ and my bus will head in to Port Authority as regularly scheduled. But then instead of enjoying my M27 to my office I’ll have to WALK. That’s so unacceptable.

So Mayor Bloomberg, please give them what they want. I’m anti-pedestrian.

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  1. I was wondering if we were going to hear from you today.

    Bummer about A&A and Jenn…feel better, folks!

    And I was wondering if the transit strike was going to affect you. That will totally suck if you have to walk. How far is it?

  2. Don’t bet on them settling. Apparently, the mayor was offering 0% raises for three years. As you know the NYC budget is whacked right now. The union quickly declined that offer. Get those walking boots shined up, sweetie. I just hope it doesn’t snow.

  3. It’s about a 20 minute walk, which I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t on the scummy side of town…there’s nothing “pretty” to look at except porn shops and Time Square grotesque-osity (you like that word?)

  4. Nice word creation – almost as good as “strategery” – still my all time favorite.

    Think of the walk as good pregnancy exercise….

  5. Yes, walking is good, but this is Jaynee we’re talking about. Yes, that area of town isn’t the most attractive, but if you walk directly to Fifth or Sixth Avenue instead of walking along Eigth, you’ll find it a little less sleazy.

  6. Mare-Bear can indeed go to work there is a park and ride and carpool center set up at the Flushing Meadow Park or at Alley Pond Park so she can get to work that way. But never fear I doubt they will actually strike.

  7. I can handle the walk too, but Jaynee is right — I wouldn’t venture so much as a breath in the area immediately surrounding the Port Authority.

    But as you know, unless you have ample lung capacity, there more flattering ways to get your face on the news than falling limp and blue-faced upon Whoopie’s feet at Madame Tussaud’s.

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