It has been a week of much activity and as such I’ve been ignoring Cootiehog. Sorry about that.

For Mother’s Day weekend we drove to Winchester, VA to visit my parents, who had just moved into their new house. They are in the process of a year-long retirement phase, and this was the first major step. It was a long arduous process, but their new house is lovely and will be even more gorgeous once they get everything unpacked and put away!

We celebrated both Mother’s Day and my uncle’s birthday (which is actually this weekend coming up). CootieGirl gave me several homemade gifts and cards – very cute. CootieBoy and Denis gave me a couple DVDs and a cute shirt that I promptly wore to work on Monday (and got lots of compliments on).

This week I’ve been working on freelance – one of my clients that I haven’t heard from in a while had a couple hours of audio to transcribe, so I’ve been working on that at night while I wait for my next installment of a long-term freelance project that I’ve been working on since late March. I hate turning down work, but I’m looking forward to June, July and the first part of August, when I plan on taking a break from freelancing so I can enjoy the summer evenings at the pool or Carowinds with the kids.

We’ve been prepping for our garage sale this Saturday. We brought back some furniture from my parents, and so we’ll be putting the old furniture in the garage sale in the hopes that it will sell. We want to make a lot of money so that we can use that to buy a used elliptical machine for Denis. He currently uses a recumbent bike straight out of 1977, and we’re looking to upgrade. So the garage sale money will go towards that.

We finally got our NC tax refund in the mail. Huzzah! As soon as the money is in the account we’ll be signing it right back out to pay down one of our credit cards. We’re so close to only having ONE credit card with a balance – that’ll be a great day. Well, a good day – the great day will be when we get that last card paid off. =)

I think that’s about it for now. Tonight will be a busy – we plan on selling cookies and lemonade at the garage sale this weekend, so tonight the baking begins. The goal is to make 120-150 cookies and sell them for 25 cents each. Small cups of lemonade will also go for 25 cents each. All that money will be earned by the kids – they get to keep all profits from that.

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