They are still working on the floor, but here is a sneak peak.*

* Colors may not be accurate.

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  1. They look fabulous!!

    The girls are on their way to NC by way of Marshal’s office and Keysville. Got away about 11:15. Hope you are going to be able to get some much-needed rest this weekend. Hugs.

  2. Thank you. I hope to be able to catch up on sleep this weekend, and get myself healthy.

    The floors are finished. They have to dry for a few hours, then I can walk on them. Furniture can go back on tomorrow, but it should be placed straight down, not dragged across the floor. It will take two weeks for the floors to finish setting. That’s good because our rug isn’t due for two weeks.

    Hope you had a good time with O. I’m sure you did. How is she feeling?

  3. The Floors look fantastic. I almost suggested that I come over tomorrow and help you put the furniture back in place, but then I remembered that Jaynee has that other project that needs to get done before hand. Ah well.

    They still look fantastic all the same.

  4. That’s right, Jaynee wants to paint. I wish I could offer to ride back with her and help… CootieGirl is wonderful. She still has the runny nose but wasn’t fussy and J. said she slept well last night. Pop was the one who finally got her to close her eyes last night by walking her like her daddy does. 😉

  5. D-Man – I LOVE THE FLOORS !!!!!
    Those folks did a really good job – I think I might even do a real test on them and dance an Irish Jig to see how they hold up ….

    But they do look wonderful – I know Jane is going to be totally psyched about them – It’s all I have been hearing about *tee-hee-hee* !!

    Now – Enjoy your few days rest my friend.

  6. Jaynee here (even though it says Marmie). The floors look FABULOUS and I can’t wait to see them in person when I get home later today!!

  7. Yes, you are going to love them. Hard to get the real color in the phone camera, but I think you’ll be pleased. Have a safe trip home. Can’t wait to see you. And CootieGirl. And even Cooper. *lol*

  8. your floors look just like the floors in my parents house. i used to spend hours “skating” across them, being stopped only by a table or wall, hehe. be sure to invest in no-skid socks for olivia for when she starts to walk. 😉

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