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My friend Amy is looking to put an addition on her house. Right now she’s focusing on how to change up the master bathroom to work in the new addition, and today I got a wild hair and designed something based on a plan she had posted a couple days ago.

Today while Denis and I were out furniture shopping (we’re hoping to get an oversized chair for our TV room because we desperately need additional seating because one recliner and one sofa isn’t cutting it for four humans and a dog that likes to spread out when he naps), we popped into a pub shop because Denis longs to have his own home pub. It was one of the “must have” things on our list should we build a house. Must have: a space in which he can have his man cave – big screen tv, full satellite TV sports package, pub.

Between those two things, it got me itching to look at floor plans. Denis and I still own the land we bought five years ago here in town. It’s a half-acre of slightly sloping land and is a good lot for building. We had sort of decided to just hold the land and sell it many years down the road when it is worth more money. It’s already worth more than we paid for it. But knowing we have land, and knowing that the house we live in is about 300 square feet bigger than we need – well, you can see why I get itchy every now and again.

So today I did a search for homes that ranged from 2300-2600 square feet. And I found three that I really like.

Craftsman style. Single level living. Four bedrooms and a bonus area over the garage that could be his man “cave.” Alternatively, we could put in a small basement area under the masterbedroom side of the house and THAT could be his man cave.

Or there’s this:

A 2-story house with a man “cave” over the garage but yet completely unconnected to the rest of the 2nd floor. A front porch, which Denis and I would both love to have. A 2nd bedroom on the main floor so that my parents wouldn’t have to take the stairs when they visit.

And lastly, I found this:

This one doesn’t show a man cave, but it could easily have a walkout basement on the back side of the house which could be the man cave. And it’s got a great front porch.

No, we’re not planning on building. Even if we wanted to, we’d need to wait until the economy improves and the housing market bounces back in our area. Right now homes sit for 6-8 months before selling, and the truth is we have no NEED to sell at this point. We’re in a great neighborhood and I’d much rather get out of debt before tackling a major project like building a house!

But it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

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  1. I like the first one but would make the front porch 10 – 12 feet deep so it could be like one of those ones in Southern Living where it is like an outdoor living room

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