Flight of the Cooties

Yesterday I attempted to install CootieBoy’s new (used) car seats and got sidetracked. I ended up sitting on the front stoop of my neighbor’s house enjoyed an ice cream cone and gabbing for about 30 minutes. Then CootieGirl came to join us and it quickly turned to “Let’s get in the pool!”

At that point I threw the carseats back into the garage and closed the garage door. However, the damage was done – sometime during the hour that the garage door was open a mammoth fly got in there.

Cut to: Later that night.

Denis likes to leave the interior door to the garage open so the kitties can go in and explore (read: stalk critters that may be in there). Next thing I know a HEEE-YUGE fly buzzes over my head at lightening speed.

For the next 30 minutes Denis and I raced all over the main floor of the house trying to kill that stupid fly. That sucker was FAST and we kept missing him and it would take forever to find him again because he was that fast. Denis said, “The minute that guy lands we’re getting him – but he just won’t land!” No joke – 30 minutes, people. Finally, he disappeared. “He’s gotta be around here somewhere!” I said.

“Maybe he went upstairs?” Denis asked.

“Nah, it’s dark up there – he’s staying down here where it is light.”

We headed to the stairs anyway, just to check, when Denis said, “THERE HE IS!” The big-@ss fly was by the stair landing, parked on the step molding and trying to lay low. I gave the fly-swatter to Denis and he smacked the tar out of that fly.

He was promptly flushed down the toilet (the fly, not Denis).

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  1. Ack! I hate those big flies. Glad it was at your house and not mine. I would have squealed like a little girl and called for my husband.

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