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Well, my fitness and weight loss blog is finally ready to go. I gave up trying to get all fancy with the templates and just opted for a plain MT template. It’s the weight loss that counts, not the exotic blog templates!

I may not be able to exercise a lot yet, but I do plan on starting to watch my food intake. Turkey Hill’s “Death by Chocolate” ice cream is KILLING ME.

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  1. I found some good “low carb” ice cream in cookies and cream made with splenda and eat that when I have a craving (170 calories, 5 net carbs for 1/2 cup serving)…or Bruster’s Ice cream Shoppe(if you have them) also carries some sugar free ice cream.

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Fitness Blog

So today is my last doctor appointment just for the doctor to double check my incision scar and find out how I’m doing post-delivery. I should be in and out of there pretty quick. I’m taking my short-term disability paperwork with me so I can get that turned in ASAP so that I can get my $$ before I return to work.

I’ll also be asking him what level of activity I can have now that I’m two weeks into my maternity leave and feeling great. With any luck he’ll say I can do extended walks and moderate exercise so that I can take CootieBoy over to Brookdale Park for long walks as the weather improves for the Fall.

And because exercise is on my mind, and because I just renewed my New York Road Runners membership, I’m hoping to revamp my fitness/weight blog into something snazzier. I’ve done some searches online for free/linkware templates for fitness blogs and can’t find much of anything. Anyone out there have any recommendations or savvy enough to create a fitness blog template for me? Comment or email me…

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