Fiscal Fidelity

So today our accountant called to tell me that our taxes have been filed electronically, and that we are due about $1100 total back. It’s less than in previous years, but I think it’s better than Denis was expecting.

Denis asked what I wanted to do with the money – in years past I’ve gone on shopping sprees, or bought a bunch of Fiestaware. But this time around when he asked me, my response was “into an emergency savings account to be used if something comes up that we need the money for.”

Even I was shocked that that was my gut response to “how are you gonna spend it?”

And that makes me further tempted to do the same thing with our rebate check. If the rebate is truly $1200, then combine that with the $1100 and that’s $2300 specifically set aside for emergencies. I know that’s not a lot by some standards – but it’s $2300 more than we have set aside right now!

Add in any Disney money that’s left over after our trip, and I’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing that we most likely wouldn’t have to put any emergency expenses on our credit cards if something comes up.

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  1. I’m all about savings and having money for a rainy day. You don’t have to convince me. I’m a fiscal conservative, that’s another reason I hate Bush so much, but that’s a rant for another time.

  2. If you ARE indeed a fiscal conservative, then don’t even consider voting for a Democrat, my friend. They want your money, bad.

  3. It can’t get any worse than the run-away spending we’ve had under Bush. I don’t see anything he won’t sign the check for except health care for those who really need it. If you are a corporation and want a tax break, just point to the line and he’ll sign. I don’t see anything changing under McCain. If we are going to keep spending money we don’t have, we might as well get something for our money besides war. And you can be a Democrat and be fiscally conservative. The Republicans don’t have exclusivity on that. You’ll turn around or we’ll be visiting you at your new home in Canada next year.

  4. I think you missed Marmie’s Point Denis. I think she was just trying to let you know that if you VOTE Democrat, then you won’t have your “extra rainy day money” because they will tax the crap out of you and you will be left with nothing. Sorry Marmie if “I” misinterpreted your point.
    **kicks the soap box out from under Denis**

  5. Ace, thanks for interpreting. I think I got her p

    Marmie, I can see you’ve bought into the media brainwashing. When you’re ready to have your mind scrubbed, just let me know. I’ll send someone.

    It’s good to see right-wing radio and TV is getting it’s money’s worth. The advertisers will be glad to hear that. LOL

  6. There are times when it is necessary to lower taxes, and there are times when it is necessary to raise them. The trouble is neither political party no longer knows which is which.

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