First Time in the Zone in a LONG Time

For weeks now, Mr. BIL and I have been working side by side, but not together. We’ve really not gelled that much in recent weeks (if not months), which has been frustrating for both of us. Friday I mentioned it to him, and asked for him to address four outstanding client issues that have been languishing for a very long time. By donating 10 minutes of his time, I was able to bring those four issues to a near-close this morning.

In addition, a few things that I mentioned to him yesterday are also at a near-close thanks to getting him to spend another 10 minutes with me.

It makes for a GREAT workday, ladies and gentlemen. Seriously – today is the best day in a LONG time. I’ve gotten so much accomplished and it’s not even lunchtime. That is SUCH A great feeling.

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