First Day At Work

Okay, so I know in the long run this job is going to be great, but let’s be honest. The most important thing about ANY job is the flexibility. This company, which seemed like it would be flexible? – not so much.

1) No music ability on computer. NO SPEAKERS.
2) No personalization of machine allowed (thus no baby picture screensaver).
3) No internet email allowed – Yahoo! and Gmail accounts will NOT be readable from my new job.
4) No cell phone coverage. At least, not right now. I’m currently in an interior office so there is no coverage. When I get by a window I get coverage. However, my permanent workspace (which is now filled with file cabinets), has no windows, so coverage may be minimal.
5) I hate Lotus Notes. I much prefer Outlook and will miss it greatly.

Fortunately, I was able to at least READ some blogs today, so with any luck once I get bookmarks set up I’ll be able to do some posting from work. I hope that’s not firewalled (we’ll see).

Having said that, today was a light day of paperwork and just kind of meeting people and learning more about what I’ll be doing. Tomorrow I’ll be going over some more specific duties and even working on a couple documents for Mr. Russell (we’ll call him Mr. Russell because I think he looks like Kurt Russell) in preparation for a meeting he has next week.

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  1. Doesn’t it stink when you actually have to work at your job? :smirk:

    You have my sympathies. It’s too bad we can’t ask about those things in the interview (and still get the job).

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