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I have NOT watched the season finale of The Amazing Race, so I will be avoiding two blogs in particular that might have analysis. And I also ask that no one post or email me about the show, which I plan on watching this evening.

However, I DO want to talk about the amazing season finale of “Veronica Mars”, by far my favorite show on tv this past season. :ohmy:

*spoilers aplenty – enter at your own risk if you haven’t watched it yet*

Okay, so someone posted here at Cootiehog a couple weeks ago that they thought Aaron Echolls killed Lily, but I glossed right over it and didn’t give that another thought. But HELLO – they nailed it! Bravo for that one.

A few thoughts:

1. Veronica’s Mom – am glad she’s not on anymore. I didn’t really care for her and I much prefer Coco (and if you get that reference, we are now officially best friends). Sucks that she took the check.

2. Kids hiding stuff in the air vents. Glad to know about that so that I know EXACTLY where to investigate in my kids room should I need to (hopefully I won’t need to.

3. Logan – poor poor probably-beat-to-a-pulp-by-Weevil Logan. To come to the realization (as a viewer of the show) that he did absolutely NOTHING wrong – he didn’t try to videotape Veronica, he didn’t kill Lily – and that it’s obvious now that he genuinely cared for Veronica and looked to her for friendship, protection AND intimacy. And once he comes to after the beatdown from Weevil he’ll find out his DAD killed his GIRLFRIEND after SLEEPING WITH HER. Just tragic.

4. Lily? Wow was she not a nice person.

5. Paternity tests – does this mean Veronica will go back with Duncan? I hope not. He may not be V’s brother, but he IS slightly psychotic with those “episodes” – *I* wouldn’t want to date him.

Can’t wait for Season Two.

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  1. I don’t know if you were talking about me, but I promise not to post anything regarding TAR.

    I really need to watch Veronica Mars… maybe they will show the entire first season again this summer.

  2. I’ll be posting about TAR, but it will all be in the extended section. I have the placeholder already posted though.

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