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I posted last week about the freelance gig I have helping one of L-Train’s friends set up a website all about a baking event they have each year. I told her to leave the hosting service where she currently has her domain residing and go over to Bluehost, which is the service I use here at Cootiehog. I was gratified to see that Bluehost is ranked #4 at this web hosting rank site. I love Bluehost and am glad they are so well regarded although I disagree with one of the reviewers on the site. Admittedly, the site looks relatively new and doesn’t list a LOT of the web hosting companies that are out there, but as the site grows I’m sure BlueHost’s ranking will continue to remain high on the list. But the site does have several decent articles, such as one on hosting multiple domains, which Denis and I do.

I haven’t heard from Raleigh yet about working on her site – as I said, she was out of town this past weekend at some granola music festival in Asheville. I need to tell her to get crackin’ if she wants the site up before the event in December. I gave ger my referral link to sign up for BlueHost and she hasn’t done that yet. And if YOU want to check out BlueHost – see my sidebar for a link!

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