Finally…Some Ecstasy Relief

I’ve talked about my opinion on MDMA at Cootiehog before, and let me just say “Kudos to ABC News!”

Last night Peter Jennings had a one-hour special in ABCNews about the drug Ecstasy (MDMA) – the history, the subsequent mid-1990s battle against it, the physiology of it, the medicinal benefits of it. In all, I was really impressed with this special. They weren’t kidding in the commericals when they said, “This isn’t your mother’s drug special.”

I won’t say the special came out explicitly pro-MDMA, but it certainly showed that the propaganda against MDMA is not necessarily true. As Mark Kleiman said, the show didn’t show some things about Ecstasy (the “Monday blues” syndrome some heavy users have; the decline of effect if one takes it more often than once a month), but for the most part it was enlightening and gives me hope that someday this drug will be taken off the Schedule I list of illegal drugs and move it to a more appropriate slot – Schedule III or IV, so that it can be given to people by prescription for medical reasons.

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