It’s 3:30 p.m. and it’s finally snowing in NYC. Granted, it’s a light snow, but it’s something at least. I pray for 12″ of white powder tomorrow morning when I wake up to get ready for work.


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Our timeshare company finally activated our account and I’ve been able to deposit our weeks for this year and next in order to begin planning a vacation. If you recall, my parents gave us a timeshare week as a Christmas present. We signed all the paperwork and sent it back and just had to wait for it to be processed by the property and the timeshare company so that we could begin our account.

As of today, account active, weeks deposit, planning begins.

Once my weeks are officially deposited (I’ve done my part – they have to do theirs) I’ll begin searching for dates that would work for us in 2006. Yes, 2006. No vacations for us in 2005. But that’s okay. I’m going to take my vacation days throughout the year so that I can have various 3-day weekends and a long Thanksgiving holiday in Virginia.

The good news is that we have the two weeks I deposited as well as a free week that my parents gave us – for a total of THREE WEEKS for vacations in 2006! That’s outstanding! I’m actually going to push a week of this year’s vacation time into next year so that I have four weeks vacation next year, three for possible trips and a week just for holidays (Christmas 2006, specifically).

Nothing like a little long-range planning, huh?

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I finally got my settings fixed on my phone and can email again. I have had problems the past couple of weeks and was getting very frustrated. But problem is fixed and I’ll be able to start uploading pics from my phone again. YAY!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the weekend. The first is a picture of the theater seats that I bought at The Big Flea this past weekend in Virginia. I drove down on Friday night for the big sale on Saturday – it was fun walking through the convention center looking at all the antiques (and quite a bit of junk, too!).

I debated whether or not to get the chairs – I called Denis three times to check to see if it was okay. Finally I gave up and just BOUGHT THEM. Got them for a decent price, too.

The second picture is of these cool 1950s deco chairs at The Big Flea. The fabric was like vinyl and they were in near-mint condition. Mom balked at these, but I desperately wanted to buy them – they were only $150 for the pair, which I felt was a phenomenal price! But I passed in favor of buying the theater seats instead.

Finally, Mom and I spent a couple hours on Saturday at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics looking at various color schemes that could go in the living room. I decided that I don’t want curtains in the living room – only valances. So I’ve decided to get the toile fabric (very bottom of picture) and make tailored valances for the bay window and two windows in the living room. Then using the red floral (middle left) we’ll make small pillows and a piano bench cushion, as well as cushions for the dining room chairs (which are adjacent to the living room and will work well with the awful wallpaper currently in the dining room). This fabric will also tie in the blue recliner (see picture for chair arm cover as sample of blue recliner). The fabric in the upper right of the picture will become valances for the windows in the sunroom – they are neutral but will allow me to paint the sunroom a soft yellow and really have that room pop out at you.

All in all – a fun fun weekend, even if CootieGirl DID have a really bad cold.

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  1. The pics turned out great. How did D. like the fabrics? The DR chairs? The bench chairs? I forgot to give you that paint sample… If you want to check it out, it is Duron’s Sienna Sand (w/ white base.)