Finally – Some Relief

For the past couple weeks I’ve had an issue with one of my big toes. Each winter the underside gets dry which causes a large crack to appear. It’s painful but usually only lasts a couple days and then is gone. However, this time around the crack kept getting deeper and deeper – and more and more painful.

By the time I got home yesterday I could barely walk around the house, so I went upstairs and took another good look at it – and found a large blister next to the crack. No wonder I couldn’t walk! I drained the blister and bandaged up my toe. And can I tell you something? Relief was INSTANT. Obviously that blister has been brewing for a while and only just now came to the surface. The minute I drained it, my toe felt better.

And this morning it’s as though the toe never hurt at all!! I’m going to leave the bandage on it, but I’m relieved that I can finally wear something OTHER than the navy blue flats I’ve been wearing every day for the past two weeks.

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  1. I just bought a bunch of Body Cream that I will send you. Just tell me if you want Coconut, Vanilla or Pineapple. (sounds like food right). Anyway, I will send it along, its a large tube so you can use a ton at a time. Right after the shower each morning and your dry toe will be no more. The blister sounded nasty! (I puked a bit in my mouth) but I am glad you are feeling better.


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