1. I think I said “so cute” about 2,763 times by the time I got to the last picture.

    I love that Denis is a camera hound. Bless you, D.

    I love CootieGirl to pieces! I cannot wait for your visit.

    She’s adorable… *wiping a tear* I’m missing so much!

  2. Ok, I go to Cootiepie almost every day, but the pics are here. When do they start showing up at Cootiepie?

    And much likeAunt Jen, I oooo’d and aaaah’d 2,842 times.

  3. I committed a mortal sin (obviously) by posting CootieGirl pics here instead of at a site that wasn’t functioning yet. NOW it’s up and running and you can get your CootieGirl fix at cootiepie.com A thousand pardons. And please enjoy.

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  1. Yep. Not only is she so cute, but she’s getting so big too. Jaynee talked about getting her into baby modeling. That would be fun. A lot of work for mommy (and baby) though. If Jaynee can take care of that (make a little money for O’s future education), I’m all for it. Go for it, mommy!

  2. She was actually four weeks old yesterday. She was born on the 24th. We’re going to a NJ Jackals baseball game to celebrate her one-month birthday. Whoo Hoo!!!

  3. This is an expression we use with Jaynee all the time. “Jane likes candy.” Perfect graphic for her. New CootieGirl pics coming up soon.

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