Finally Some Good Bush News

From Yahoo News

Poll: Bush Approval Dips to 49 Percent, Lowest of Presidency

(AP) – President Bush’s job approval has dipped to 49 percent in an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, the lowest level of his presidency in that poll. Bush’s job approval soared to 90 percent after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but have dropped gradually over the last two years. The poll results reported on NBC’s “Nightly News” are close to the 50 percent job approval in a CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll out Monday. Some other polls still have the president in the mid-50s

And remember, GW didn’t win the popular vote and his brother stole Florida for him. This oughta get the family-in-law chatty. *lol* I know I have to get over this some time, but it’s like getting over the French.

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  1. Darn!

    I’m sure there’ll be more good Bush news down the road. What are you going to do when there’s a democrat in the White House in two years and the economy and the political atmosphere turn around? *lol*

  2. What I see here is a guy poking a stick through the Tiger’s cage…

    New American Patriotism: Clark 2004!!!

    (sorry, had to pick a stick up as well)

  3. True American Patriotism!

    Clark in 2004: A President the People Will Vote into Office, Not Placed There by His Brother in Florida!
    (Disclaimer: Not sure I’m voting for Clark. I’m leaning towards Dean right now.)

  4. If Bush doesn’t get reelected, then I’ll whine and complain just like I did when Clinton was in the White House – only this time I’ll have a larger forum in the form of my blog. And I’m 100% sure my blog would change from being all about my personal life to being mostly about my political ire.

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