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I had a frustrating family day today. I kind of put myself in charge of finding a beach rental for my cousin’s wedding in OBX, NC next spring, and the family (my parents, my sister’s family, my husband) all kept giving me grief today about the checkin date. I literally sent the same email FOUR TIMES explaining that beach rentals don’t go Sunday to Sunday, they go Fri-Thur, Sat-Fri, or Sun-Sat. But not Sun-Sun.

I finally sent an email essentially waving the white flag and telling them I just didn’t care anymore and for them to do whatever they wanted. My mother finally took pity on me and basically took over, and got the job done in one fell swoop – including getting a place from Sunday – Sunday. She has a friend that owns a house in OBX and was willing to extend the rental by an extra day for us, albeit at a higher price than we originally wanted to spend (especially since we’re going to have to kennel our dog while we’re gone unless I can get a housesitter to watch him and the cats). But it’s done, that’s all I care about. Well, mostly done. She still has to email the woman back and tell her we want the place for the week.

Denis and I are in agreement that we’ll be going from Wednesday – Sunday, rather than Sunday – Sunday. We value our vacation time – especially since we have to use it not just for fun days but for when the kids get sick and aren’t allowed to go to school. So we’re loathe to just throw it away for no reason. This way, we’ll only use three days, come back on Sunday and STILL have Monday off since it’s Memorial Day. I’m very excited about that aspect.

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  1. What does it say if three different email recipients couldn’t get the message right? Maybe it WASN’T the recipients but rather the message that was the problem. Ummmmm…don’t blame the messenger.

    As Marmie said, just glad we got this settled. At least I think so. I don’t think we actually have the place booked yet, but I could be wrong.

    And one of the problems, as I understood it, was we had to check in on a certain date. No check-in’s allowed after that date as the messenger stated. I just hope Marmie and Pop can check all of us in on whatever date that is.

    No more weddings on beaches around holidays involving family for me, thank you. You can refer to this in twenty years, kiddies.

  2. Denis, so worries ~ I booked it today, personally, with the owner. She said I don’t need to contact their realtor at all. We are confirmed for Sunday check in and Sunday check out. I just need to give her a deposit by Jan. 8, ’09. Sweet. She said the heated jacuzzi will be all ready for us; the pool will be ready but is not heated. All we need to take with us are beach towels, food and our own DVDs. Again, sweet.

  3. With any luck the sun will be hot enough that the pool won’t be frigid. I’d like to spend a couple days with the kids in the pool all day in order to teach them to swim before pool season starts!

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