Finally Got A Couple Things Done

So I’ve had a dresser sitting in our garage for the past 4-5 months that I kept meaning to bring into the house, and today we finally did it. My neighbors threw it out and had it on their curb, and after talking with them about it, I opted to take it off their hands.

So this morning we rearranged the bedroom over the garage a bit to make space for it. We had a bookcase along one side of the wall that is now directly next to the bed, and the dresser is where the bookcase was. What’s amazing about that room is that it is PACKED with stuff (queen bed, two large dressers, two cedar chests, a bookcase and and end table) and yet there is still ample floor space. I told Denis that when we go to sell the house and pack away 2/3rd of the stuff in there it is going to look downright HUGE.

CootieGirl just went down for a nap – she’s a fun girl. Oh, she can have her tantrums that drive me nuts (such as the one this morning over the crayon vs. color marker issue), but then she’ll come over to CootieBoy and tickle his face or hand him a toy, or she’ll lean over and give me a kiss for no reason, or she’ll dance to a bit of music she hears on tv, or she’ll jump on the recliner just because she can, and she makes me warm and happy all over. Cute kid.

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