Finally Closed on Our Re-fi

We started the refinance process about three months ago. Finally, today a woman from the title company came over our house to have us sign all our paperwork. After about a half an hour, we were done and we had lowered our monthly mortgage payment by $440. Not bad. We now have a 4.625 mortgage rate. Plus we got a no-interest loan to pay off the closing cost, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, we have some money we can start CootieGirl’s college fund with.

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  1. We went with a 7-year fixed ARM loan. So for the first 7 years it’s the 4.625 rate, and then after seven years it becomes variable – but we’re hoping to be in a different house in seven years, thus no need to worry about that!

  2. Plus, it can only go up 2 and a half points over the life of the loan or something like that. I have to check the paperwork again. But pretty good deal. Plus, our rate is suppose to be 3.something the first couple of months. I have to check my notes and the documentation on that.

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