Finally – A New Chair!

Last fall we participated in our neighborhood garage sale, and sold our TV room sofa/loveseat to a cute young couple just getting started out together. We sold the set because my parents were giving us a sofa that they no longer needed now that they were downsizing and moving into a slightly smaller house for their retirement years.

However, we quickly realized that by losing a sofa AND a loveseat, we lost valuable seating. How did we come to this realization? Because of Cooper The Dog. That dog loves to hog a good sofa. And no matter how hard you try, you cannot convince a 40 lb dog that he shouldn’t take up 2/3rds of the sofa while he’s trying to nap. That left little room for the kids and me to watch TV (Denis uses the recliner).

And so the hunt began for a neutral chair. I wanted a least seating for one, but one of those chair & a half deals would have been good too. In the end I went to a total of 8 places. Some were way too expensive, some didn’t have the right fabric choices, some were too big, and others were ones I liked, but Denis didn’t. Once I convinced him that he would never use it and therefore shouldn’t CARE about the chair, I had free reign.

And so today I went out to three places. Two were a bust, but the last one was successful. The chair was comfortable, CootieGirl loved it (she was with me and declared it good), it was the right color, the right fabric and definitely the right price. Not only that, but I could take it home with me right then and there. We now can have 5-6 people sitting comfortably in that room, or 4-5 people and a dog.

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