Final Tally…New Purchase

So, coming home I found that I had $600+ left in my Disney fund savings account. I moved $1000 to the checking account during the trip and did not have to delve back into the $600+ that remained. Some of that is going to our housesitter who opted to stay the whole week, but it still left me with a hefty chunk of change.

And if you recall, I said at some point that if I was able to bring back ANY money from Disney it would be going towards one thing and one thing only:

So I logged online yesterday and after much research was able to order a Wii that included not only Wii Sports (5 games) but also Wii Play (9 games). The price was decent and it was shipped via FedEx this morning. WOO HOOO!!! And what’s awesome? I paid via PayPal, so it was essentially paid for IN CASH. No debt was incurred in the purchasing of this awesome piece of technology.

Wii Fit is selling in our area for about $90, so I’m hoping to pick that up in the next few weeks (or at the very least have it be the an item on my birthday list (note: my b-day is in 18 days)). The only other items on my b-day list this year will be a Wii remote dual charger (I’ve read the batteries can die quickly and that the charger is a must-have) and possibly the High School Musical Wii game and the Lego Star Wars Wii game for the kids (okay, and the adults, too).

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  1. Can I get $500 or $600 from the Disney fund as well to pay for the gas I paid for and the groceries and gifts? $550 or more should cover those expenses. Thanks.

  2. MB – I think the max we paid was $3.84 in Florida.

    Denis – I can certainly reimburse you for that. *lol* I don’t think you spent $500-600, though. More like $400 by my calculation ($50 on gifts, $150 on gas, $200 on groceries).

  3. It was $230 for gas. $200 for groceries. And at least a $100 for gifts and food at the parks.

  4. Does it really matter, Denis? Seriously? How about I just pay a $530 bill so that you don’t have to worry about it. Will that satisfy?

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