Fifty, or Five Hundred?

Today I took Denis’ van to the mechanic to get the wheels aligned. I noticed when I drove the van a couple weeks ago that when I was driving in a straight line, the steering wheel was actually turned to the right a bit. Denis took the van to Costco to get new tires on Sunday, and they mentioned that for $50 he could get his wheels aligned and fix the problem.

This morning that was my task. I drove CG to school then CB and I headed to the dealership in Rock Hill. There was no wait – we pulled right into the bay, and I told the woman I wanted a wheel alignment.

CB and I headed into the waiting room. An hour later a mechanic came over to me and explained that the wheels were aligned as much as they could align them, but that the bar (or something like that) that connected the two front wheels was bent at such an angle that it really should be replaced. To the tune of $515 for parts/labor.


I asked if that was something that HAD to be fixed, and he said that we could either fix the bar OR get new front tires every few months because of uneven wear while driving.

After a quick call to Denis, we agreed that fixing the alignment was our best bet. So they ordered the part, which will arrive tomorrow morning. I paid for the part today and will pay for the labor tomorrow. Two HOURS of labor, by the way. With CootieBoy at my side. He was barely kept entertained today and that was only for an hour. I have NO IDEA how I’ll keep him entertained tomorrow for TWO hours.

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  1. Let CB stay with the mechanic while he works. I guarantee the job will be done in a lot less than two hours! Talk about motivation…a 4 year old supervisor!

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