Feeling Human Again

Hey folks – it’s me. I’m back! I was able to manage the attic stairs this evening and can POST ON MY OWN! No more worrying about any typos Denis may put in my posts…

I’m feeling much more independent now that I can do most things on my own – and it’s also nice to be able to check my numerous email address and delete all the spam email that has built up.

Sad thing though – I have nothing to report. Unless saying that Mark Darcy as played by Colin Firth is hot. I’ve been watching “Pride and Prejudice” all day today and he’s just delicious.

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  1. :rotfl:

    Hmmmmm…Mark Darcy.

    Although in P&P we never know his first name. He’s just Mr. Darcy. He’s Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

  2. That’s not true. I seem to recall his first name was mentioned on a couple of occasions in the miniseries. Watch it again. =)

  3. How cool to have you back. Yes, your man-servant did a fine job of filling in, so I will not complain too much 😉

    Congrats on your happy, beautiful new family.

  4. Ah, a new argument since we settled the “Rocky” argument.

    I disagree that we hear his first name. He’s always called Mr. Darcy. In the book, too. And they were very faithful to the book.

  5. figures! you come back when I’m too busy to read my blogs! So good to have you back! Can’t wait for AI this week!!!!

  6. I agree with Aunt Jen – we only hear Mr. Darcy in the book & miniseries.

    He is hot, as played by Colin Firth….

  7. Phern, thanks for that. Jaynee keeps forgetting this is OUR web site, not just hers. It’s mostly hers though, but I try to do my part. And thanks for the good wishes.

  8. Don’t MAKE me watch it again – cuz I will, just to prove that they do mention him as “Mark Darcy” in the miniseries. Elizabeth Bennett may never call him that DIRECTLY, but other characters do indeed refer to him as “Mr. Mark Darcy” throughout the five-hour miniseries. I’ll watch it again just to prove it….I mean it – I will!

  9. I can make a digital copy of the part where someone says “Mark Darcy” using the digital cam and then we can post it to Cootiehog for your sis to listen to when I get home.

  10. Any character played by Colin Firth is HOT!

    I am with you on this completely!!!

    I remember Bridget Jone’s mentioning “Mark Darcy” when she was to interview “Colin Firth” (in the book). I don’t remember whether or not he was referred to as Mark in P&P, only recall him being, just as you said, HOT.

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