Feeling Good

This morning I announced to Denis that I felt so good I was confident I was going into labor today. I just felt DIFFERENT today when I woke up. Energized, good mood, no heartburn (although I did wake up twice in the night with it – but Tums saved me). On the bus into work I was energized and talkative, whereas usually I’m a slug that sleeps the whole way and barely wakes up in time to get off at my stop in midtown. Came into the office and immediately began joyfully working on my first project of the day – a monotonous project I’ve been avoiding all week.

It’s now almost noon and I still feel great. Labor’s GOTTA be around the corner here. Any minute now. Any second. Wait for it. … *ding*

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  1. “Just say No” to Labor today. Come on Jaynee, you can do it, hold out for Wednesday. Who wants to be born on the 12th of August anyway. Not to mention, the later in the day you go, it could be pushed back to Friday the 13th. YUCK!… ok, who am I kidding, being born on Friday the 13th would be cool.

  2. I’m with Ace ~ just say ‘no’, please! But I must agree that it certainly sounds as if your body is saying it’s ready.

  3. Maybe it could be that you are counting down the days of having to go into work. CootieBoy will be here before you know it.

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