Feeling Better About It

Okay, I’m feeling better about my appointment this morning. I’ve decided I’m not even going to TRY and do only 1,300 calories a day. But I will aim for 1,500 and if it goes below that then fine. I know I’ll still lose weight this way, especially now that I’m REQUIRED to exercise 30 minutes a day (which I’ve already done since I walked with L-Train and Nik at lunch).

I’m also back on the hunt and am considering getting Playstation. I know I know – I said I’d never allow it in the house. But I’m back to thinking that Dance Dance Revolution might be the best way for me to have “fun” exercise (since walking doesn’t thrill me and I hate gyms and regular aerobics). DANCING is my favorite thing to do, and DDR has been known to help people lose weight. So if anyone out there wants to get rid of their old Playstation 2 for a cheap price, I’m open to negotiate.

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  1. We have a PS2… let me see if Anthony would be willing to part with it since we also own the PS3 and Anthony’s brother gave us a Wii for christmas. If he is willing to part with it, you can have it at no cost. I will also ask you if you want a few of the games that come with it. Of course some of my games are rated “M” but I do believe I may have a couple that even the kids might enjoy.

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