Feeding the Ducks

This morning, despite the fact that I’m not working today, the whole family got up early and headed over to the nearby park. We met up with a guy from church to film a “commercial” for the children’s program. We took the kids with us and CootieGirl had a blast feeding the ducks. CootieBoy was cold (he refuses to wear a hat and the only way we got him to keep it on was to hold him, bundle his arms down and jam the hat on his head) and the bottle we had for him malfunctioned so he wasn’t able to drink his formula.

We were there about an hour or so and then came home. Denis and CootieGirl just left to go to the grocery store, CootieBoy had his bottle, and I’m checking in for a bit. My dentist appointment is at 11:30 a.m. and Denis’ mom and brother are coming over today in about an hour. I think they have plans to go to the cherry blossoms in Belleville and then to another park with the kids.

Once my dentist appointment is done I’ll be back here at the house awaiting the arrival of my new Tivo box since it wasn’t installed on Monday as originally planned.

I keep thinking today is Saturday. I was just looking at the calendar in the kitchen and I kept thinking, “I have to go take the kids to get their picture taken at 11:10 a.m. today!” But that’s tomorrow we’re doing that. Not today.

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