Fat Pets

I just read this on Yahoo News:

“Whether it’s round hounds or corpulent cats, as many as one-fourth of cats and dogs in the Western world are overweight, according to a the National Research Council, an arm of the National Academies.”

So true. Our cats are getting fatter every day. They keep eating from the dog’s dish. That’s got to be the problem. I give them treats maybe once a week. It’s tough because we have four cats and how do you make sure one of them doesn’t eat all the food? Stand there all day and watch who’s eating what? I don’t think so.

Cooper is still a puppy so he stays thin no matter how many treats I give him. His problem is he doesn’t know when to quit begging. I know I had something to do with this, but he doesn’t stop. It’s maddening. Plus, he’s so darn cute.

BTW, I took this picture with my phone the other day. Whoo Hoo!!!!

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  1. He’s a French breed. Basset Fauve de Bretagne. My wife found a breeder in Georgia. They are very sweet dogs. Our four-month old loves him and he seems to love her too.

  2. What is the name of the woman you acquired Cooper from in Ga? I had it written down and now can not find it anyhere.

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

  3. David, that breeder no longer breeds Basset Fauves, as far as I know. If you want one, I believe you now have to actually get them from Europe (they are most popular in France and England).

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