Fat Freddie

The other night Freddie was sitting on the armrest of our recliner and it was amazing to see just how fat he’s gotten. I say that because Mac just found out her kitty lost a couple pounds due to the additional exercise from running away from their relatively newly acquired puppy. That would never happen in our case because our cats seek refuge in the attic of our house – a whole floor that is completely dog-free due to a baby gate in front of the stairs leading up there. So all they do is lounge in the sunshine provided by the sunlight and eat enormous amounts of food (we keep the food in the attic so that Cooper won’t eat it all).

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  1. Hi Jaynee. Thanks for popping by my blog. Poor Fat Freddy — he won’t even face the camera for his picture. I bet he looks much slimmer when he’s standing up. 😉

  2. Geeesh! Poor Fred,*lol* that picture does nothing for his waist line. I guess the good news is that he can still get to the arm of the recliner.

  3. Poor kitty. Can’t we just say that he is “big boned”?
    I say it’s more of him to love! Tell me you don’t enjoy jiggling his cat flab and saying, “Blub blub bluuuuuub!!!”

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