One of Denis’ co-workers is on “Law and Order” tonight – he’s a member of the jury and he just appeared on the screen. Very cool. Joe only recently got back into the acting biz. He did it a lot as a young man – did stints on soaps and such. Took a break for “real” work and then when he started the real estate gig and had some free time he got some new headshots made and has been working a lot since he signed up to get acting work. His son even got in on the act – “Law & Order: SVU” filmed scenes at a local high school and was featured a bit on that episode.

THERE HE IS AGAIN! *tee hee*

For anyone that Tivo’s it to watch later – Joe is the silver-haired man with the mustache in the front row sitting to the right of the black woman in the reddish coat.


Wow – they must have really liked the looks he was giving the defendant during filming. *I’m so proud of him* =)

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  1. Yes, that was cool to see Joe on the show. Maybe we’ll see him in a speaking part real soon. I know he’s working towards that. There are a lot of those shows that shoot around this area.

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