Fair Warning

So I just sent an email out to my bosses letting them know I was taking some vacation time to go to New Orleans next weekend. I got the following response from one of them: “The NY Times had a recent article which ranked New Orleans as the 3rd sweatiest city and all the local were pissed they didn’t make #1. Good luck.”

That SO doesn’t bode well for me.

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  1. I told you you haven’t experienced sweat until you’ve been to N’awlins in the summer. I’m the one that’s going to suffer. “I don’t want to walk there.” “I don’t want to leave the hotel.” “I can’t move any more.”

  2. I plan on morning swims in the pool to start my day cool, I plan on evening swims in the pool to end my day cool. I plan on the lightest thinnest fabricked clothes for optimum cool. I plan on carrying bottle water with me wherever I go. I plan SO many things – we’ll see if it all comes to fruition.

  3. Do we have a pool in our small hotel? If you are thinking about going to LP’s hotel for swimming, you might be out of luck. Plus they are a few blocks away from our hotel, I think. You aren’t going to want to walk that distance in bathing clothes or any clothes.

  4. I knew fabricked was probably wrong (or not even a word), but it worked for me in this instance. Guh.

    And yes, Denis, we DO have a pool – I went to the website a couple days ago for our hotel and confirmed that we have one.

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