I just got e-yelled at by Denis for not updating at Cootiehog lately. So here you go. An update.

On Friday I leave for my college homecoming. I’m in fear that most of my pals won’t be there – but I don’t mind. There are only a handful that I really want to see anyway. My sister is also going – it’s her first time in 5+ years for her to go. Her friends are ALWAYS there (she graduated two years ahead of me from the same school). So she should have a good time catching up with folks.

We’re desperately trying to talk our friend Kirby into going. He has said he’ll come, but it’s ever doubtful. We hope he does come though, because he’s always good for a fun time.

Sorry the entry wasn’t more exciting. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about how we did yard work this weekend, went to an outlet mall for a couple hours, and had korean ribs for dinner. Or do you?

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  1. This will be the year that none of my crowd shows up. Noel did email me back to say they’ll probably be there and to ask if we had heard the news about Dr. White.

    I called Kirb last night, but he didn’t call me back. He’s probably tired of me asking if he’s really going to show up. =-)

  2. I want to hear about it.

    I have some news. I just went to Barnes and Nobles at 48th and 5th to see the Scott Adams (Dilbert) book signing. Yes, I like the Dilbert strip, but I went because I work for the company that licenses and syndicates Dilbert, and because they wanted us there in case no one showed up. There were about fifty people. No Guilianni book signing, let me tell you that.

  3. my college homecoming was last weekend. i think. or maybe it is this weekend. hmm. i wish i was more into the whole alumni thing. have fun.

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