EyeDrx Sucks Part II

I got my refund today. But not after getting a migraine at the same time. The refund was supposed to be done Monday afternoon with the receipt faxed to my office for my files. By this morning I had received nothing. So I called and spoke to someone who said they’d fax over the receipt ASAP. I gave them my fax number, and 10 minutes after I called my phone rang.


Needless to say I hung up. I called them back.

“Uh, this is Jaynee again – you are faxing my phone number, not the fax number.”

“Oh. What’s the fax number again?

I repeat the number.

“That’s what we have.”

“Well that’s not what you are dialing.”

“Okay, we’ll try again.”

Ten minutes later my phone rings. BEEEEP! BEEEEEP!

You can see how this story continues.

Suffice to say, FIVE phone calls later from me and TWENTY attempts on their part to email my phone number, and I finally got the receipt sent through to my fax machine.

What sucks though, is that —

*hold on – phone*


— the fax machine at Eye Drx is on auto-redial and keeps calling me anyway.

NOT a good day for Jaynee.

*phone rings, causing Jaynee’s head to explode*

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