Eye Update

For those of you looking for an update on my eye. Here is a picture of both of them. Guess which is the bad one?

The eye is completely bloodshot and hurts when I close the lid.

I’m waiting till 9 a.m. so I can set up an appointment with an opthomologist. The eye doctor from yesterday called, actually his secretary called, and wanted me to come in this morning. I said I’m going to see if I can call another doctor who takes my insurance with no hassle. At least that is what Jaynee believes. As soon as I get done with the doctor I’ll let everyone know what’s going on.

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  1. :eyepop:

    Denis — I can feel your pain! Just looking at your eye makes my eye tear! You are in my prayers:

  2. Thank you, Lil. A can add that Jaynee was more supportive of me over the weekend than this last comment of hers.

    I don’t think this was that gross. I know people wanted to know how my eye was and what better way to do that than to show them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. I can make it bigger. LOL Maybe that should be our new masthead. And we’re getting CootieBoy some scratchmittens. Glad he doesn’t claw at his own eyes.

  4. When my dd was a baby, I was feeding her her bottle and she reached up with her razor sharp fingernailed finger, put it in my nose and twisted! Owwww! Blood.

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