Extended Weekend

The weekend was so busy I can’t even remember everything we did. And since I was out yesterday on a vacation day, my weekend was even LONGER than usual!

I do know that this past weekend Denis and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary by going to Ruth’s Chris Steak House for dinner. Yummy. We got a bit lost finding the place (the GPS gave us incorrect info), but once we arrived it was worth the wait – I love red meat. *lol*

This weekend was also the first weekend where the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Did I go out and enjoy it? Absolutely not! I cocooned myself in my house and tried to take naps when CootieGirl would let me (she was sick this weekend, and VERY fussy), I vegged out watching movies, I did laundry, and various other things. No gardening, no walking in the sun, no trips to the park. I did church stuff on Friday night and Sunday morning, had my doctor appointment yesterday, and all the while the weekend sped by.

Despite the hectic weekend, today I feel incredibly refreshed. It’s amazing how sleeping until 8:30 a.m. a few times can totally rejuvenate a body.

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