Everyone out of the water!!!

Jane and I spent the afternoon at our neighbor’s Don and Lydia’s house. Actually, their pool and deck to be more specific. Fun times. I can’t swim, but I got into the pool, which is up to my waist or so. We played pool basketball — if there is such a thing. Just throwing it around. We weren’t playing an actual game. But I think Jane won. Just kidding. Jane always wins.

Here is a pic of Don and Lydia, our neighbors. They are great people. Even if they didn’t have a pool.

Don and Lydia

Hope you all had as much fun this Independence Day weekend as we had. Thank God we aren’t part of the British Empire any more. And even more thanks for never being associated with the French.

Actually, I like the Brits for sticking up with us after 9/11. I don’t think any other country were as vocal as they were with their support. I appreciate it. Where are the French now? I guess they’ll wait to call on us when they are losing another war.

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