Every Year It’s a Trial

By nature, I’m not a romantic person. I never have been. When I was in college a boyfriend gave me a dozen roses and I had to fake the appreciation. Not that I don’t appreciate flowers, but at least be CREATIVE about it. That’s what I love about Denis – when he sends me flowers, I get these really exotic arrangements that blow me away.

You know what, though, I take it back – I’m a sucker for romance. When it’s in a book or a movie I absolutely adore it. But in real life? Meh. A walk on the beach and a kiss in the moonlight is not on my personal Top 10 list of romance.

Cut to Valentine’s Day. Denis’s gifts to me are always creative, fun and thoughtful. My gifts to him are generally not so much. I’m not proud of my lack of creativity, but hey – at least I GOT him something, right? I could be a really bad wife and just not get him anything at all.

This year I got him something. I just ordered it. I hope it arrives in time for February 14th. It took me forever to find what I wanted to get him, and then it was on backorder. But I went back to the website and saw it was back in stock, so I quickly ordered it. It said it could take 7-10 business days to arrive once shipped. Let’s presume that because I ordered this morning it gets shipped by the COB today. That means it MAY arrive on the 13th, or it could arrive on the 17th. Either way, I think he’ll like it. It’s not romantic, but it’s right up his alley…

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