Even More Sore Today

Oh man, the whole right side of my body is killing me today. I can barely TYPE it aches so bad.

Ace and I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to link up our Wiis. We finally got our Miis transferred over, only to find out that Wii Sports isn’t wi-fi, and therefore not eligible for joint playing. *sigh* So I won’t get to play against anyone else until I find out what games they have that are wi-fi and then invest in them myself. So obviously that’ll take some time unless I get the games used and cheap.

In any event, last night instead of taking the kids to the pool, I showed them the Wii and they had a blast playing the Wii Play games. Of course, I helped, and ensured that the victories went back and forth between them. Because they are so young, they don’t get the concept of small movements with the remote doing big things on the tv, so there were lots of red and blue streaks flying across the screen as they went crazy trying to play the games.

Once the kid were in bed, I convinced Denis to hop on the Wii and play against me. We played most of the Sports games and all of the Play games. He said there are only a few that he’d play with any regularity. But it was still a lot of fun to actually play against someone instead of just doing it myself. So hopefully he’ll jump on every now and again and play against me.

He laughed at me when I told him I was sweating at one point. He didn’t break a sweat at all. And he laughed again this morning when I told him my entire right side of my body was nonfunctional today. “Are you sore AT ALL?” I asked him. He snorted and shook his head. “You must not have gotten into it like I did then,” I replied, shuffling into the kitchen like an old man.

Last night I made Denis find the arm floaties and CootiGirl’s speedo float vest. This way they can have the vest AND the arm floaties so that I don’t have to actively play with them in the pool, but rather can let them swim around on their own. I will NOT be able to play in the pool like I usually do. I don’t think my arms can go above my head right now.

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