Especially for my sister…

So I was surfing around today and visited Delirious Cool, who in turn had a post referencing “Asshat”, which is a wonderful term from last season’s The Amazing Race. It was coined by Television Without Pity, a great website which analyzes tons of tv shows with weekly recapping. By far, TAR3 was the most hilarious thing to read EVER. And “Asshat” became one of my sister’s favorite words.

But imagine how thrilled I was to see a link to this website, which is dedicated to that very word.

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  1. I saw that link at another blog today. Weird.

    Did you hear the one boyfriend call his whining girlfriend “Flo” last night? I was floored and cracked up!

    This season is going to be good.

  2. Sadly, I didn’t really watch last night’s episode. I didn’t remember it was on until 8:45 p.m., and at that point I hopped on the computer to work on Cootiehog and didn’t really pay attention to the teams to get a handle on who I like and who has a sense of humor. Next week I’ll pay more attention.

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