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Denis is home with the kids today since our daycare is closed for Yom Kippur. His mom and brother are probably arriving at the house right now. They all plan on heading to some children’s museum today for some fun. I told Denis I’d love to have them come to my office to meet me for lunch, but I don’t know if that’ll actually happen.

Update after lunch: So they came by for lunch! YAY! I showed Denis my cubicle (ooohhhh…aahhh…) and then showed off the kids to the ladies who lunch (oooohhhh…..aaaahhhhh…). They met several people, including KK and Mr. Professor (now Denis can put a face to the name). Then we went back downstairs and got lunch and enjoyed lunch with Grandma and Uncle Peter.

CootieGirl was cute, because at some point Mr. Prez came down to get his own lunch and saw us sitting there, so he came over and introduced himself to Denis. They shook hands, and CootieGirl immediately stuck out her own hand to shake with Mr. Prez. Too sweet. I had a nice leisurely lunch with my family and then they left to go back home (no museum because the weather is too crappy).

In other news, Mr. Russelll said he wants “us” to get out early today. Woo hoo!!!

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