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I may as well catch you up post-lottery loss!

Sometimes I think about the time in 2005 that Cootiehog was featured on CNN in a story about mommy bloggers and wish I had capitalized on that a bit more. Missed opportunity. Oh well.

Kids are chomping at the bit for school to end. Both have had minor disciplinary issues at school lately and I’m convinced it’s because they are sick of being cooped up in school all day with no way to escape. Summer is right around the corner. We will promptly be shipping them off to my parents for a week, followed immediately by a week at camp. So woot! woot! for Denis and me enjoying a bit of our own summer vacation this June! And did I mention that CootieGirl turned TEN a few weeks ago? Ten going on 24. Or 4. It depends on the day.

Work continues to go well. I have enjoyed having my pal LD in my sphere of entertainment again. I forgot how much she makes me laugh. She is the queen of sarcasm and wit all rolled into one. My work productivity may be suffering in the past month or two. but I’m having a great time nonetheless!

I finally brought my freelance career to a long-needed end. I had one client that wouldn’t take “I’m done” as an answer though, and kept giving me more and more work to do until finally I had to put my foot down in a less than polite way and say, “I’M DONE.” And despite the fact that that particularly working relationship did not end well, I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that I don’t ever have to come home and put in ANOTHER 2 hours of work on my freelancing. It’s also nice to know that if the day ever comes where I need to earn extra money, it won’t be a problem to start back up again with new clients.

We are currently on the countdown to Disney – we leave in less than 150 days and can’t wait. Fortunately, we have Carowinds here in town to keep us occupied this summer.

I promise I’ll try to be better about posting. I need to find a way to post remotely since I’m hardly ever on the computer once I get home from work. Access is blocked from work, so I need to find a work-around. If I had that, I’d post A LOT MORE.

I think.

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  1. The problem is that I haven’t been able to get JetPack to communicate with my account properly. I’ve tried multiple times since it was introduced and have yet to get it to connect my WordPress.com to Cootiehog. I finally gave up.

  2. Woot! I just went in and tried again and got JetPack to work! Turns out I was trying to sign in using the wrong username. Thanks for making me try again, Amy!

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