Enough of That

Enough of the negativity for today. On to more enjoyable stuff – like power toothbrushes. Yesterday on his day off Denis went to Costco and picked up some electric toothbrushes for us. He got lectured at his dentist’s appointment the other day, and I have a couple cavities myself, so he picked up some Sonicare toothbrushes for us. I used mine last night and this morning and it was GREAT. You know how sometimes even when you brush your teeth for a long time you can still feel sweaters on your back teeth? Not so with Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes! Even now, despite breakfast and lunch, my teeth still feel silky smooth…

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  1. Ah, the dreaded tooth sweaters. I’ve got ’em goin’ on right now. But that will soon be remedied when I brush my teeth (in about 5 minnutes).

    You’re hilarious.

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