Eleven Days In…

It’s January 11 – we’re 11 days into the new year. Here’s what I have going.

[326/365]  Lottery MoneyPowerball is $1.4B. No words. $590M take-home for a single ticket winner in my state. First annuity payment for single winner would be more than $14M for the year. Yeah, I’d do the annuity – that way the pressure of bringing home $590M would be removed. However, considering almost 30 people had all but the powerball on their ticket this weekend, and given the fact that 80% of all number combinations have been purchased, I’d say it is highly likely that many, many winners will pull the magic rabbit out of the hat in Wednesday’s drawing. That’s still amazing. I had said that I would by the English estate known to the world as ‘Pemberly’ from the Colin Firth version of “Pride & Prejudice,” but alas just as I settled on that piece of real estate (surprisingly cheap at only $12.5M), it was sold to a developer in Hong Kong. Very upset.

I made a commitment to begin walking again in preparation for my big 24-hour run in September, and I’ve done well thus far. I walked almost 20 miles last week and hope to match that this week (in fact, I’m heading to the gym in just a bit). I’ve also made a few more resolutions for the new year – but easy ones. Get more sleep, drink more water, less Starbucks hot cocoa – little things like that. I’ve done well so far, and I’m happy that I chose to make several small resolutions instead of saying something like, “I WANT TO LOSE 50 POUNDS!” Because, sure, it would be nice to lose 50 pounds – but I’ve tried that before (and done it, then gained it back). So I’m not doing that. I’m merely committing to get more sleep, drink more water, have less *$, and walk 5x a week in order to train for the 24-hour in September.

I got two sets of oversized knitting needles for Christmas so now I’m on the hunt for yarn. I know I need to get super-chunky yard. I also know that stuff is super expensive, and one skein goes FAST. So I’m wondering how much I need in order to make something fun. Any knitters out there have advice? And before you ask, no I have not finished the project I started last summer. But I do intend to finish that before moving onto another project. I’m planning on taking it with me to Gallifrey One (the Doctor Who convention) next month. Do they let people take knitting needles in carry-on luggage. Probably not, right? I’ll have to keep it in the checked bag. Oh well. I’d definitely be able to finish it on a 5-hour flight to LAX.

The kids are doing great – CootieGirl starts archery this week, having joined the after school club at my behest after I witnessed her natural prowess at the Renaissance Festival a couple months ago. I pretty much demanded she join the school club at that point. CootieBoy continues to excel in band and has his first school concert tomorrow night. In other news, earlier in the school year he ran for school council and didn’t make the cut (they selected 3 representatives for his grade). However, he found out today that one of the kids that served last semester is not going to continue his term. Since CB came in fourth in the election, he gets the spot. So starting next week, he’s officially on the council! He is so happy about it – he was devastated when he lost the election and felt like a total loser. But knowing he actually came in fourth (out of 12) really encouraged him today.

The dogs, well, ONE of them is doing well. The other one – not so much. Chilly, the Aussie Shepherd, had a bad reaction to something and ended up chewing a big gaping wound into his back leg. So he’s back in a cone, on antibiotics and steroids while it heals. He hates it and uses it as a weapon every chance he gets (he’ll run right into the back of your legs with it just because he can). What was sad was that when I came home from the vet with the collar, he had a visceral, negative reaction upon seeing it. He clearly remembers when he almost died last year wearing one. But once he got it on, he was okay and has put up with it ever since. But man – he could not get away from me fast enough when I walked in the house with it. Poor thing.

And that’s it for now. I do have a quick book recommendation for you: “As You Wish” by Cary Elwes. If you like the movie “The Princess Bride,” then you HAVE to read/listen to the book. It will make you love the movie even more. In fact, when I was done with the book I watched the movie the very same day now that I knew so many behind-the-scenes stories.

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