Dumb Doctors

I never did tell you about my doctor appointment yesterday. I won’t even go into the whole trying-to-make-an-appointment-with-an-innetwork-doctor fiasco. Suffice to say I finally got an appointment for 1 p.m. with a doctor that takes my healthplan.

At 2 p.m. I got home and nothing had been solved. The man claimed I wasn’t sick. This despite the raggy voice, and the hacking coughs I had in his office when trying to breath deeply while he checked my chest sounds (which he tried to listen to THROUGH MY THICK SHIRT I might add). He took my temperature (98.4) asked me if I was updated on my Tetanus shot (I’m not, but that’s not why I’m there), and took a few personal calls on my dime (apparently he’s about to go on vacation.

This doctor was a nightmare. He claimed I had allergies. When I told Denis this, he said, “I have allergies – and my allergies have never involved phleghm and persistent coughing.” I didn’t think so.

Either way, the doc took a throat culture for analysis (if only to get paid more, I’m sure – the way he did it was totally a last minute decision).

My condition was worse this morning – but I had to come to work because there were some deadlines that had to be met. But my throat is killing me, when I cough it hurts, and I’m a big mouth-breather today because my nose is completely stuffed up now.

And don’t get me started on that cold sore that has started to appear on my upper lip.

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  1. Not trying to defend your doctor, but I have allergies and when I let them go too long without treating them I end up with what you have now, which if I don’t get corrected, usually ends up in an upper respiratory infection. This just happened to me a little over a month ago and I ended up having to get a steroid shot to clear the ick from my bronchial passsages and the doctor told me to use an inhaler for to keep my passages open, cough medication if needed, and Zicam for my nasal stuffiness. He said it was better than most of what he prescribes. I did buy it, but after each use I would have a sneezing fit. I admit I’m nopt used to having something squirt up my nose, but I wondered if I was allergic to it. I did, however, get better in a few days.

  2. Well, whatever it is, it would still be nice to know what you CAN take to relief whatever it is you have! That Dr. was useless. Hope you feel better soon.

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