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Last night I had my initial dress fitting for Mare-Bear’s wedding. I’ve said before that the dress is gorgeous, tis a pity I’m not a size six, which the dress is more appropriate for. Since I’m a big tubba goo, it’s not the best choice, but it’s what I’m going with. The seamstress is going to do the sides (and yes, she pinned off about 3″ from each side, and agrees that I need to get some serious fake boobs for that particular alteration since if I go with my current size it’ll take out a good portion of the beading which is so important for the upper bodice of the dress. So tomorrow after church I’ll be heading to a local corset shop (yes, you read that right) to see about buying a full-body corset and some fake boobs.

I told her my concerns about the fabric of the gown (read: beautiful but not stretchy for sitting down) and she said that once I have the corset/boobs she’d have me sit in the dress to see what is comfortable without pulling on the seams. I fear I won’t be sitting much at the reception in this dress.

No price was discussed, but I’m presuming it’ll be a lot since so much has to be done to the dress. She also agreed that the shop probably sent the next size up than what my measurements actually required which was a big mistake since my measurements clearly would have been a near perfect fit for the next size down. Oh well – too late for that, I ‘spose.

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  1. Such a bummer. Here’s hoping that the dress you got for my wedding is correct! Your fitting is for Nov 12, btw. I’ll be going with you for a fitting of my own.

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