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I love my celebrity dreams. In particular the one I had where Matt Damon was “The Soldier”. I just reread this dream from my dreamlog and it’s a GOOD one. For a while I was having celebrity dreams all the time – that’s what made me start the dream log in the first place. But then I stopped having them as regularly as before. The Jesse Bradford/Tobey Maguire dream from last week was the most vivid one in a long time. I need to remember to write them down as soon as I get up. No more waiting until I get to work to see if I can remember. Because I only get the nitty-gritty details in when I write it down as soon as my eyes open.

I’m hoping to have a “Buffy” dream soon – I had a good one with James Marsters a couple months ago but sadly didn’t write it down. And all James Marsters dreams are worth writing down. Meow.

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  1. Oh goodness, yes. I wish I had writen down my really good James M dream, because it was REALLY good. Meow meow! Did you watch last night? I just love him, no matter what he does. LOL!

  2. Even just his voice when it came on the first time gave me the goosebumps!!! Of course, i was sitting next to my husband at the time and he just rolls his eyes at me 😉

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