Dr. Phil Rocks

It’s official. I love Dr. Phil. He has superseded my love of court tv shows. Now I’m all about Dr. Phil. You know why I like him? He doesn’t take crap from anyone. He has no problem telling a guest that they are insane, rude, inappropriate, ridiculous, immature, or any other thing I scream at his guests.

Two cases in point:

1. Yesterday he did a show on youth obesity, and he had on Wendy, a woman who made no bones about the fact that she is not close to her 125-lb eight year old daughter, Melani, because she thinks her daugher is a pig. She actually said that. She also said she feels closer to her eight year old niece who is thin, and that she tries to get her daughter to lose weight by telling her she’s fat.

Dr. Phil basically told her she was an awful woman, and I completely agree. If you have an overweight child, you have to encourage her to get healthy and then help her do it – not criticize her and depress her to where food becomes a comfort for not getting love from your mother!!

2. Today’s topic was “Is this normal?” where he talked with people who were worried about things they did/thought were not normal. He had on a woman who was obsessed with Tim McGraw to the point where she said she’d leave her husband, kids, pets and life if he came to her door and ask her to join him. She spent $7000 on flying all over the country to concerts and her house is filled with Tim McGraw crap.

Dr. Phil told her to grow up. I loved that. He flat out said something like, “You’re insane and you need to grow up.” She kept saying “But…” to everything he said – even blaming her HUSBAND for enabling her obsession. Dr. Phil said, “No, don’t blame him. You are immature, inappropriate, insane, and you are insulting your husband when you’ll say you’ll leave him and your daughter for a man you’ve never met.”

And don’t even get me started on the woman who was concerned about traumatizing her 6-year-old child who isn’t potty trained if she tries to get her daughter to be trained. Dr. Phil was flabbergasted, and I was just waiting for him to say, “You’re going to traumatize her if you DON’T potty-train her,” but he did say, “She’ll continue getting away with this if you don’t stop it now – you’ll have a 16-year-old wearing Depends.”


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  1. Wasn’t that little Melani just beautiful? It is a shame her Mother treated her so poorly. I hate to see people, especially parents, treat children with weight problems with such cruelty. They seldom realize the only thing that will result is more overeating to compensate for low self esteem. I hope that Melani realizes what a beautiful child she is, despite being called names by her own mother.

    I agree about Dr. Phil, I love him!

    I love the Moptops background too.

  2. Dr. Phil rocks. He’s Simon for the mental unstable.

    Actually, I guess Dr. Phil arrived on the scene first. So that means that Simon is the Dr. Phil of the talentless.

  3. Dr. Phil fan here too. The new design looks great and Cootiepie is just the cutest little thing 🙂 Congratulations 🙂

  4. I’m actually not a fan of Dr. Phil — he’s a little too earnest for my tastes. But if you take your dirty laundry on television, you deserve what you get! *grin*

  5. I have to say that I have never heard Dr. Phil. But, I still wish to comment. I think that being “to the point” is a good thing, but I also think it can be done with some tact. What comes to mind is the previously infamous Dr. Laura. I absolutely cannot stand her. I used to say that if someone were contemplating jumping off a building and called her, they would jump. She made fun of people and their problems and was rude. Incidentally, although I may agree with Simon, I think he is sometimes unjustifyably rude. I was a psych. major in college and have become disgusted with the secular profession for some of these reasons.

  6. Hey folks, you don’t need some charlatan like Dr. Phil telling you what to do or how to straighten out your lives. Use your brains for Pete’s sake. If you are so pitiful that you can’t figure out how to handle your own life and affairs, then I truly have sympathy for you. Not. Losers.

  7. Uh, Dan, I don’t recall anyone commenting that they use Dr. Phil to solve their own lives. I know I didn’t say that. I simply adore him because he says all the same things *I* would tell these people. He speaks common sense to people that don’t HAVE IT. And there are plenty of people out there that don’t have common sense. So before you call fans of Dr. Phil “losers”, make sure WHY they are fans before you call people names for no reason.

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