So Denis and I are working on reducing our spending – we’ve actually kind of created a BUDGET. How scary is that? We’re turning from free-wheeling people who laugh and toss the bills around into people who squint and hoard their precious dollar bills and think paying 1.99 for ten plastic hangars at Target is borderline insane.

In an effort to cut out some frivolous spending, we’ve opted to keep Netflix and toss HBO/Starz off our satellite tv. Sure, Netflix is $23 per month, but HBO/Starz was $25 per month and we hardly ever watched it. So buh-bye HBO/Starz, we hardly knew ye! Another commitment is to not go see movies in the theater. I’ve gotten so used to waiting for Netflix that this is an easy change to make. Although I’ll miss seeing the big blockbusters on the big screen – sometimes their impact is better felt on the big screen.

We’re also going to attempt to reduce our dry cleaning bills, and I will become a laundry/ironing queen. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate ironing, but it’s time to save that $40 per month and use that ironing board that only gets pulled out on special occasions (like weddings or funerals). And Dryel will be my washing machine’s new best friend.

We also found out that we spend a LOT on groceries. No wonder our freezer is so full! So our new mission is to actually eat the stuff we’ve already bought instead of going out and buying more the same. Case in point: there was this time when we had about 10 gallons of ice cream in our freezer. Yes, 10 gallons. I think we’re down to about 3 now, with some pints thrown in for good measure. Our goal? To cut our monthly grocery bill in half. HALF!

With any luck, but the time 2005 rolls around, we’ll see some results from these changes and a few more we plan on implementing. If we do, then HUZZAH – let’s do some more!

And yes, this means I’m becoming my mother. Slowly but surely, it’s happening. But without the fancy clothes she wears.

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