Doughbuts and Colutnunk

Yes, that’s what I said. Last night Denis accused me of never using the recipes cards I get in the mail. You know the deal – they send you 20 cards a month of fabulous mouth-watering recipes, and I send them $6 to say thanks. It worked out well – we got a set of cheap knives, a small cutting board, and a handy carrying case for the cards.

So anyway, he accused me of never using the cards. Well there’s nothing like a challenge – I whipped out the card that said “Sugar-Coated Doughnuts” and went to work. Twenty-five minutes later the kitchen reeked of grease and the doughnuts were coated in sugar. And my oh my, were those things tasty. I was very happy with the outcome – and now he can never say I don’t use those cards.

As for the title of this post, when I was a child I couldn’t say doughnuts and chocolate milk, so I always called it doughbuts and colutnunk. Even today I occasionally say it, but it’s not often I have doughnuts and chocolate milk together.

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  1. Now I can just say, you aren’t getting your moneys worth on those cards. $6.00 for twenty cards, and you’ve only made one recipe. How many cards do we have now? 200? I buy a cookbook for $15 and make a couple of recipes. Or subscribe to a cooking magazine for $10/yr and make several recipes. The best value is getting the recipes free off the web. And I make a web recipe at least once every week or two.

    I’m just trying to make it easier for us to afford a recliner and other living room furniture sooner than later. Watching the pennies. I did that and we got you out of debt once. I did that and we were able to buy a home. What makes you think my way won’t work again?

  2. You’re such the collector. Fiestaware, snow globes, video tapes/DVDs. I know I’m missing something.

    Jaynee: Don’t even go there, mister. You still have a pair of Darth Vader socks from when you were ten.

    Denis: Yes, but those will be worth money one day. (Reminder to self: check Ebay.)

    Jaynee: The same thing with my Fiesta.

    Denis: Maybe we can sell a few pieces to pay for your recipe-card habit.

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